With Landscape Professionals, you have complete resources to achieve any outdoor landscape project offering the same quality work to our residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance Services

A good looking, well cared for landscape is a valuable asset to your property. Regular maintenance protects your landscaping investment. We are happy to do the work that keeps your landscape looking great.

A few common services Landscape Professionals maintenance programs can include:

  • Lawn or Turf Maintenance: mowing, trimming, fertilization and removal.
  • Plant Bed Maintenance: planting or removal, weeding, trenching and mulching of plant beds.
  • Complete Tree and Shrub Care: planting or removal and fertilization.
  • Edging: sidewalks, driveways and other borders.
  • Pruning of all Plants
  • Aeration
  • Weed control
  • Plant insect control
  • Leaf Removal


Let us transform your outdoor space into a beautiful landscape maximizing the function and aesthetic appeal with fresh and innovative landscape design and installation ideas.

From concept through construction to maintenance, it all begins with us understanding your needs and the results you envision. 

Landscape Professionals take pride in every project focusing on our customer’s satisfaction and high quality work from residential, large commercial and industrial sites, as well as subdivision/ neighborhood entrances, streetscapes, parks… you name it, we do it.



Hardscapes can serve several purposes in a landscape. Besides providing structure, texture and contrast, they can transform unusable spaces into functional areas, retain or transition grades and create three-dimensional living spaces.

Structures, such as walkways or path ways, are needed to ensure you can navigate easily and safely in the outdoor area. Patios and decks extend the living space and creates a connection between the indoors and the outdoors. Landscape Professionals can design and install any outdoor application imaginable.

Water Features

Water Features

There are few things more relaxing than the sound of running water. Custom built water features, fountains, koi ponds, streams, and waterfalls are a great addition to your outdoor space. They can be “carved” out of an existing patio or landscape, or developed into a major focal point of a new landscape.

Landscape Professionals has received extensive training and has experience building and installing numerous engineered commercial water features across the country. We have taken the structure and attention to detail of our commercial projects and applied that same quality and expertise into projects for homeowners in the Birmingham Area.

Custom Fire Pits

Custom Fire Pits

Create a beautiful ambiance in your outdoor space, where you can spend time outdoors, even when it’s cold, with a custom designed and built fire pit. We can match your existing patio paving, or we can help you create a new design. Landscape Professionals can install fire pits that stand alone, or we can install fire pits with built in benches and surrounding stone sitting areas. Our team will meet with you to survey the area and design the perfect fire pit for your setting and budget.

Erosion Control / Land Clearing

Erosion Control / Land Clearing

Erosion is a fight we face from time to time. Flooding and drainage issues? Let us create a plan to move water from one place to a more desirable location. Landscape Professionals approach erosion control projects with an onsite evaluation, and a consultation with you to review control plans that fit your budget. Then we remediate, install, and maintain all structural and vegetative areas.

We also provide all types of land clearing services. We can accommodate small, large, individual, or commercial land clearing and brush grinding needs. 

  • Elimination of invasive plant species
  • Fence & survey line clearing
  • Habitat improvement
  • Vegetation management
  • Woodlot beautification

Make your home landscape an oasis like none other.

Our landscape architects do more than plant shrubs and arrange trees. They create a breathtaking mini ecosystem that embodies your personal aesthetic while incorporating the indigenous flora and fauna of your area. 


We don’t build until you approve our design to the very last detail. And thanks to our patented three-step process, we’re confident you’ll love our designs.

The design phase
happens like this:

  • Creation of initial design that captures the essence of your project
  • Formal review of initial design by company’s principal architectural committee
  • Final design delivered to you for approval


Our planning process is built around you. You’ll collaborate with our world-renowned landscape architects to meticulously plan every detail without breaking your budget.

The planning phase
happens like this:

  • Initial consultation between you and a lead landscape architect
  • Delivery of detailed plan and budget document
  • Follow up meeting with you to answer questions and get your stamp of approval


It’s a thrill when you see your vision implemented right in front of you. Our installers are licensed, bonded, and certified. Each one must pass our rigorous internal certification.

The install phase
happens like this:

  • Pre-install walkthrough with your principal installer and lead landscape architect
  • Installation of your landscape down to the last detail
Post-install walkthrough with your principal installer to ensure we’ve nailed it

Your dream + our process

Don’t trust your dream project to just anyone. Trust Landscape Professionals! We use a stringent, client-centric process to ensure collaboration occurs at every critical junction and that you’re informed every step of the way.